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How two childhood friends colluded to make the world an easier place to be

From friends to business partners, the founders have devoted their lives and careers to helping people

Les and Jeff have been friends since childhood – for 50 years; back when people chose between just a few TV channels each night, when self-driving cars were the stuff of futuristic fiction and when the Summer of Love was a recent memory rather than something you saw mentioned in a film or novel. Times were simpler and their friendship survived the decades, leading them to this moment in time when COVID-19 has turned the world upside down.
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Providing solutions comes naturally

Les and his wife Judy, after graduating from Vassar College, started Friendly Software in 1987, helping small to mid-sized businesses navigate new technological advances. A core tenet of Les’ is that to manage a business effectively, honest analysis of potential weaknesses is key to providing solutions. As a speaker and motivator, Les always encourages people to take action by exploring the ramifications of passivity. Friendly Software allows companies to overcome their resistance to putting management systems and databases in place that streamline day-to-day operations. Whether they are working with accounting systems, sales development or inventory control systems, Friendly Software’s goals are to make operations more streamlined for their clients.

Les and Judy have four children and two grandchildren now. He is grateful for a good life and, knowing the importance of giving back to the community, Les volunteers extensively with Temple B’Nai Torah in Wantagh, NY; with Ronald McDonald House of Long Island; and as a clown captain in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, something he loves doing and has been involved with since 1996.

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Public safety is top of mind

Jeff has been an active member in both Fire and Emergency Medical Services for 30+ years. Jeff’s experience includes working as a Paramedic,a Firefighter and a National Certified Emergency Medical Technician. He also has over 33 years of extensive background and experience within the insurance industry’s Loss Control and Risk Management fields which combined with his passion for helping others and strong leadership qualities has guided him into various management and supervisory positions. Jeff’s experience, determination and drive is what inspired him to take the initiative and achieve his dream of properly organizing his own company.

Jeff’s extensive background in Fire Safety, Fire Fighting, Emergency Medical Service, Incident and Event Management makes him a great asset to those that require our services. For several years, Jeff has worked closely with County, State and Local governments. He also was affiliated with various Police, Fire and EMS Departments. His skills acquired him to coordinate the Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Operations for national events. To benefit all of his clients, Jeff’s “hands on” experience and knowledge in this field of work has given him and his team the tools needed to effectively communicate and interact with regulatory departments when necessary.

Lastly, Jeff has been a successful business owner for the past 35 years. He is determined to continuously reach his objectives and has the pleasure to work with clients efficiently and competitively in order to achieve their goals and provide high level of service on a daily basis.

An answer to the growing issues of safety moving forward

Provide your business or event with a COVID-19 supervisor to manage the checks, leaving your employees free to concentrate on their regular duties.

At a time when many locations are short-staffed, our technology can ensure that CDC guidelines are not only met, but surpassed, with our PASS® system.

COVID-19 poses many logistical and health issues for office buildings, large events and venues. Les and Jeff have decades of experience with making management systems efficient and easy, as well as unmatched experience in assessing health and safety issues.

Wellness Check Services was formed from this experience, and from the lifetime of friendship its founders enjoy. In these uncertain times, put your company’s COVID-19 response into our hands, so you can focus on getting your business back to normal.

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Note: Photos used on this page are not the real photos of the founders. Unfortunately they both lost a life’s worth of memories in photos during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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Staying Safe in Unsafe Times
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