COVID-19 Wellness Checks

Stay safe with fast, convenient COVID-19 wellness screening services. Wellness Check Services offers expedited, on-site health checks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your office, sports arena, conference, or service location.

Maintaining CDC Compliance During COVID-19

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted routine for citizens and business owners alike. People are being encouraged to practice social distancing, wear face masks and other PPE, and self-quarantine if they show Coronavirus symptoms.

Since fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends temperature checks for office employees, facility attendees, and those participating in large gatherings. We can also provide a visual assessment by a qualified on-site medical professional. 

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Meet PASS®: The 3-Step WCS System

PASS®: Physical Assessment Screening System

Many COVID-19 wellness screening providers have adopted a slow and tedious process that can be frustrating and significantly hinder your work day. Our expedited WCS system is able to process more assessments in less time, while substantially reducing your cost.

Any user can simply and quickly download our app to their phone, computer or other device.


Step 1 – Remote Screening Survey

  • The app then asks the recommended CDC based questions about possible exposure to COVID-19 and includes questions about possible signs or symptoms that a person may have.
  • If the questions are answered with acceptable answers, the app will immediately display a user specific QR code. Otherwise the user will be advised not to proceed and to contact their supervisor for further instructions. This survey can be completed anywhere at any time prior to being admitted to the location.
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Step 2 – On-Site Temperature Check

  • Once on site, the user simply shows the QR code to the PASS Temperature device which immediately takes the persons temperature. If the temperature is below CDC recommended ranges the person is permitted to proceed.
  • Having to rely on a security guard, or other employee, to take temperatures and determine if someone should enter a building is not a comforting process for those returning to the workplace. This also unnecessarily exposes your employee(s) to potentially harmful viruses.


Step 3 – Visual Assessment (Optional)

The EMT then performs visual assessments of those entering the area. This involves looking for underlying indicators, such as a slight persistent cough, unusual skin pallor, unusual sweating, runny nose, shortness of breath, mild pink eye, or other conditions that are prevalent with the virus.

Our highly trained EMTs keep up with the latest information on Covid-19 symptoms in order to ensure your visitors and employees are checked properly.

Our EMT professionals can confirm abnormal temperature readings with the use of pharmaceutical grade IR thermometers and answer any questions your visitors and employees may have.

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Are COVID-19 Wellness Checks Necessary?

The CDC recommends that businesses perform temperature and wellness checks to maintain the safety of their customers and staff. This extends to those hosting locations like concerts, sporting arenas, and conferences.

Testing requirements vary by state, so be sure to research local requirements to determine whether COVID-19 wellness checks are needed for your business or other indoor/outdoor location.

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Health screenings have become the new normal for those looking to slow the spread and keep citizens safe.

✅ Efficient Technology

✅ Cost Effective

✅ Frictionless Turn-key System

✅ Does Not Store Personal Information

✅ Get immediate access to a nationwide network of medical professionals

We Offer Comprehensive Coronavirus Wellness Checks

A thorough wellness check process is necessary to maintain the health of your employees, customers, students, and/or location attendees.

Unfortunately, most “wellness” entry systems only include a temperature reading, which is not very helpful since a fever is only one of many symptoms to present themselves with the COVID-19 virus. With PASS® by WCS, our service goes beyond temperature checks to provide a comprehensive COVID-19 health assessment.

✓ Fast
✓ Non-Invasive
✓ Affordable
✓ HIPAA Compliant
✓ ADA Compliant
✓ FDA Registered
✓ CDC Compliant

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Available Nationwide for All Types of Locations

Wellness Check Services provides a fully integrated wellness check process for, among others:


Commercial buildings


Construction sites






Shopping centers


Private clubs


TV and movie locations


Sports and Concert Arenas



We’re available for on-site COVID-19 wellness screenings at any location in the US. Contact us to get a free quote for your office or location.

Keep staff and customers safe with COVID-19 wellness checks at your location.

Affordable, Cost-Efficient Process

At Wellness Check Services, we understand the importance of providing fast, efficient assessment to keep your work day or event running smoothly. That’s why we offer services at the most competitive price without compromising on quality.

With our cutting edge technology and optional team of on-site medical professionals, you can rest assured knowing your site adheres to all current CDC, Surgeon General, and Best Practices procedures.

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Plus a substantial cost savings!

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PASS®: The Wellness Check Services System for Covid-19

The scanner we use as part of PASS® by WCS has had successful clinical trials by SGS. SGS is a NRTL just like UL. In addition to be clinically proven to work as intended, the near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology is also:

  • ADA Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant Data Security
  • FDA Compliant Temperature Accuracy
  • Fully Encrypted – Field level database encryption and HTTPS data transmissions (At rest and in transit)
  • IP65 Rated Weatherproof
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5 F
  • FCC Certified
  • ROHS Certified
  • CE Certified
  • Patent Pending
  • FDA Registered Fever Detection Kit

Video demonstrates the temperature and mask scanner system

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